Emmanuel Balo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

I am Emmanuel Balo,  at age 16, when I was in high school, I got inspired by God Almighty. God gave me this vision to educate and economically Empower people like myself and disabilities as well. And most especially individuals with a financially disadvantaged background. So, I founded a platform for the realization of this Nation-building vision, with my classmates being the first members. Some students from the other classes joined. During that time, I was serving as the president of the student council government. " However, most of my classmates and close friends abandoned the vision. They wanted to get instant rewards, in terms of cash or other things, from their voluntary services, which I, could not afford during that time. So, they stopped, and they withdraw their membership from this institution. But I remain supreme, courageous and motivated by some other high profile Individuals like Dr. Myles Munroe, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders and humanitarian, therefore I also goes out to some old folks that I normally hang around for counseling. Our Mission in Liberia is to touch each of Liberia's Fifteen counties (15) with this unique program and got branches established all around this global village. Our vision for this NGO is based on helping those with disabilities, and the less fortunate kids and old folks in and out of Liberia. In conclusion I just want to recognize My Mentor,  Mr. Matt Weiss, since the Intervention of Mr. Weiss, I have been working tirelessly and he always work around me becoming a good leader that he wish to see in the near future and his presence with in this institution is a opportunities for this dream to live on and flourish.

Phone: +231778666267 Email: baloe9219@gmail.com